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The Secret of Successful Refugees

and how you can be successful too

It is our goal to give every refugee the tools and insight they need to take charge of their lives and become successful. We share stories of successful refugees, conduct research and give practical advice on how to succeed.

The secret of success of Nawras Ali

Nawras Ali went from being a lazy student in Syria to being Student of the Year at a prestigious business university in Europe. He became successful by changing his mindset. Read his inspiring story here.

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The secret of success of Shermin Amiri

Even with a master’s degree in legal sciences, it was difficult for refugee Shermin Amiri (1982, Iran) to find a job in The Netherlands. Nevertheless, he persisted. After his arrival in 2012 he has worked hard to reach his goals and start a new life.

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The secret of success of Amer Alomari

Leaving Syria in 2013 changed Amer Alomari (1992) in a positive way. In Jordan’s huge Zaatari Refugee Camp he found a new meaning to his life: helping people. Read all about his amazing efforts here.

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